Level 1 :
◆Vocabulary 1,000 words.
◆Japanese character'Hiragana', 'Katakana'
◆Greeting , Number,
◆Calendar,Time ,
◆Basic grammar,
◆Basic listening.
Level 2 :
◆Vocabulary 1,000 words
◆Mainly ones used frequently in daily life.
Basic sentence patterns
◆Summary of various Verb form
◆Adverbs, Conjunctions and Expressions.
◆Speaking and Listening :
Conversational scenes involving social interaction.
◆Reading & Writing :
The reading texts are about topics chosen to stimulate students' curiosity and interest.

◆Writing (letter, report)
◆Conversation ( in daily life, business)
◆Reading (books , news paper)
◆Listening (TV news, drama, movie)

◆e-mail and report writing
◆Business talk
◆Reading news paper
Entertainment (above Intermediate class)
◆You can chose Japanese animation, drama, movie and book as your class textbook.
JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) N5 ~ N1 level
◆Focus on your weaknesses (Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading, Listening )
◆Practice (trial) test at least 3 times before JLPT (Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading , Listening)